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Why therapy?

It’s not always easy to ask for help. We are often taught and encouraged to think we should be able to ‘fix’ things by ourselves. Asking for help feels like admitting we can’t do alone which we view as some kind of failing but in actuality, seeking help when we are struggling or want something to be different is most often the best move we can make.

For in-depth information on the way I work, please see my ‘psychotherapy’ page here.

Amanda Greenlees

Integrative Psychotherapist

About Me

I am a highly qualified psychotherapist and coach with extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients. Before moving to private practise I worked in the NHS, for mental health charities and as a therapist for EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes) , as well as at a specialist bereavement service.

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Integrative psychotherapy starts not with a theory but with you. As an integrative psychotherapist I blends elements of various psychotherapeutic schools of thought to provide effective therapy that is designed to meet your needs and individual circumstances.

How can I help?

I have worked with clients on a broad range of issues and offer both short and long-term therapy, depending on what you are looking to get out of therapy. Below is not an exhaustive list but are some of the issues that people seek help with.





Disordered eating, body image

Low self-esteem or self-confidence

Self-harming behaviours


Relationship difficulties


Affairs and betrayal

Family issues


Childhood and complex trauma


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFT)

Panic attacks


Eating disorders



Anxiety and stress

Finding meaning and direction

Workplace stress

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